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Comparative keys to sharing Christ with men and women of Islam

If we truly believe in the Bible this is a strategic book that absolutely must be read and studied. This book is the keystone that will help us in our task. (George Verwer)

Francesco Maggio is a friend of Muslims who has been dedicated to communicating the Gospel of God’s Grace to them for thirty years. Light on Islam, because of its informative and practical nature, the result of long years of experience and study, can help each of us to follow his example. Dr. Rinaldo Di Prose – Director Italian Evangelical Biblical Institute.

Only Francesco Maggio, with his long experience in the Arab world, could write a manual simple in style and complete in substance for those who wish to effectively communicate the universal biblical message. Remo Cristallo – President F.C.P. (Federation of Pentecostal Churches).

The author respectfully offers models and arguments for debunking the cornerstones of Islamic beliefs and bringing Muslims closer to the one fundamental truth. As an Arab Christian from Islam, I recommend reading and adopting the manual’s suggestions in order to share of Christ with our Muslim interlocutors. Ahmed “Saved.

Francesco Maggio was acclaimed Doctor of Divinity (Honoris causa) by V.U.I. (Vision University International.)


The School offers the following books as necessary for further study of the various topics covered within the lectures.