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Bible School

The offered training is divided into three Modules of four months each,
as shown in the curriculum below:

After enrollment, you can proceed from September to purchase courses
for the progression of your academic training, from Module 1 to Module 3

1st module, 3 courses, 4 months

  • Bibliology
  • Islam and the Bible
  • Christian Thought (Basics of NT biblical theology)

2nd module, 5 courses, 4 months

  • Islamic Culture
  • Quran and Arabic philosophy
  • Islamic doctrines
  • Christology
  • Evangelical spirituality

3rd module, 2 (+3) courses, 4 months

  • Evangelical communication (practical and systemic methods)
  • Evangelism and methods of approach.

Optional courses:

  • History of missions to Islam
  • Biblical anthropology related to missions to Islamic countries
  • Introduction to the Arabic language and Arabic language for evangelistic purposes.

Learning Tests will be required after each course.

A Final Test is required at the end of the three modules.